E-commerce site: what order management costs are considered?

 The management of orders is also an activity that generates costs that the company must comply with. The costs related to the preparation of orders and their shipment are those that impact the company's performance the most. To make your business profitable, here we suggest you learn how to better understand order management costs.

Order picking costs

Here, it will depend on the characteristics of your products and the technologies that the warehouse has. Once again, we come back to the warehousing method and the use of robotics. On this factor will depend on the execution times, the elimination of errors and the customization options. Simply put, the item-to-man solution is more cost-effective than having humans move the items in stock. To benefit from more tips, check out these details.

Shipping costs

Shipping is an important element in e-commerce processes. Developers usually make a choice between home delivery, drop-off location or express delivery. The logistical requirements for these different options are, not, the same. And the choice made will depend on the logistics costs of your e-commerce. It is up to you to study your market and adopt a strategy that both satisfies your customers and allows you to keep your costs down. One thing to keep in mind here is the preferential rates that you, you, can benefit from if you ship large quantities of packages.

Secondary or optional fees

Now we come to the optional fees. These fees for the most part are related to tasks that are not part of the core business of the e-commerce process. These services generally allow standing out from competitors. In their rank we find the insurance of your stocks. This is an option that you should think about if you have a large stock of products. The follow-up of the delivery is a service which can contribute to improve the confidence of the customer. Finally, the after-sales service is an optional service, but very important, especially in the online sales sector.