How to check the validity of your emails easily?

Checking an email address is about cleaning up a complete list of invalid email addresses, on demand. But many people do not know how to do this. Find in the next lines of this article, the different steps for a complete and efficient verification of your email addresses.

Steps of the verification

The very first step to check the validity of an email address, consists in checking the format of the email address, as well as the syntax. This step mainly consists of identifying and deleting forbidden or missing characters in the e-mail, such as the ''@''. It is very important, in that it allows you to clean up the various errors contained in the e-mail address. Go to for a better understanding. After the format check, the relevance of the domain is checked by checking the authenticity of the system to see if it is perfectly configured to collect emails. Finally, if the email address is fully configured, the email checker will then establish a connection with an SMTP protocol, where the receiver server is asked if the email address is valid.

Benefits of email address validity checking

Carrying out a validity check of emails primarily reduces expenses. Archiving undeliverable emails is quite time-consuming, but it eliminates a significant amount of poor quality data, without having a certain impact on the budget. It also allows for the mass cleaning of a list of email addresses that are deemed invalid, and a mass reduction in the number of potential bounces, both solid and soft, which are also very detrimental to the sending infrastructure as they are considered spam. It should also be pointed out that the verification of e-mail addresses provides very reliable measurements, when they are composed of false addresses, and that the opening rate is very minimal and insidious.