How to get a job as tanker welder

One of the most demanding jobs in welding is the tanker welder. This is the job that requires the most learning and development before you can get a job. To achieve this, this article gives you some definite tips on how to get started in the field of welding.

Get a job as a tanker welder

Getting a job in the welding trade is not easy. Indeed, it is necessary to have a CAP in foundry or metal molds or to have a BAC accessible to the welding trades such as the Bac pro toolmaker technician, the Bac pro industrial boilermaker technician, the Bac pro pattern maker technician. Have a good experience and an excellent command of welding practices, continue reading.

Get a good training

Welding is a practice that brings together different pieces of metal. Then, it is very crucial to have a sharp, complete training as most of the arts and crafts before practicing in this field. And this is the first step in finding a job as a tank welder. You have to work excessively on heavy equipment such as tanks.

Doing a Field Placement in the Army

After you finish your welding training, it is very important to do a practical internship. For those hoping to find a job as a tank welder, it turns out that the army is probably one of the best places to do an internship. This can replace military service. Therefore, you should not necessarily expect to work on tanks automatically.

Welding machine to choose

Before choosing a welding machine, it is especially important to consider the characteristics of the metal to be joined, the power of the device should also be taken into account. If you do not know anything about it, it is therefore recommended to ask for advice from specialists in the store. Finally, there are several types of machines on the market today, we have gas arc welding machine, tungsten gas arc welding machine, arc welding machine, flux-cored arc welding machine, electrode arc welding machine.