How to play the tongue drum like a professional ?

Among all musical instruments, you love the tongue drum. Therefore, you want to play it like a professional, but you can't manage it. Well, here is a content that shows you some tips to master the tongue drum, and to play it like a professional. Please read it quickly.

Prepare the tongue drum before you start playing

Mastering the tongue drum is not as complex as you might imagine, if you follow these tips. In fact, the tongue drum deserves to be prepared before you start playing. This preparation really consists in sticking stickers on the different tongues of the instrument. 

You probably know that each tongue drum has several languages. And each language represents a note of the musical instrument. So, in order to differentiate the different notes and to be able to recognize them easily, it is better that you stick stickers on them. The stickers become your reference points.

Placement of the instrument for better playing

The placement of the tongue drum also allows you to play your instrument well. There are three ways to place your instrument so that you are comfortable playing it.

The first placement is to put your instrument on a hard surface. You can put it on a table, or you can just put it on the floor. What is important is the balance of the tongue drum as you play it. This arrangement of the tongue drum requires skids on its lower shell. This way, its resonance will not be altered.

The second placement is to place the instrument on your body. When you have to use your body as a support, sit yourself. Either sit in a chair or on the floor. Then cross your legs so that the tongue drum is balanced there.

The third way to set up your instrument to play it like a professional is to buy a stand. This is the stand designed to hold the instrument while you are playing it. They come in wood and metal. You will be standing up to play it yourself.