NHS Chief executive's Twitter handles hacked by scammers

The national health chieftain has said his Twitter account was hacked by scammers. He said another person who tried to help retrieve seemed to have financial settlements.


NHS boss Twitter account hacked


 The NHS chief executive, Helen Bevan said both Twitter accounts she possesses with more than 159,000 followers have been spammed by hackers when they promoted bogus PlayStation. Luckily, she has retrieved her account but has been contacted by many people who have been swindled.


 Mrs. Bevan also shelled out some cash to an individual who promised to help her retrieve the accounts, however, the person was a scammer. When encouraged people to take appropriate security actions when using the internet. Ms. Bevan, though she was activating a factor authentication system usually asked by account accounts of social media.


But when she did so, the hackers could clone her email address and phone numbers, when they cracked her pin. One of her accounts was a working account with 98,000 followers which she uses to promote her profession. The other is about a feline, more of a celebrity cat which has about 35,990. The scammers removed all her tweets and followed everyone she was following.


Another scammer who promised to help retrieve the account scammed the director


She was sad when she noticed that even her account was not managed well '' I thought I had everything in control, but even I didn't know what to do. '' she stated. 'There were various suggestions, some said I should wait till Twitter returned it, while others said I should seek self-help.'


Unfortunately, she tried seeking help from the wrong person when she was scammed for more than £140. After realizing late, she has been scammed, she didn't pay any further money and accepted her fate. Fortunately, she got her account back after mailing Twitter customer service.