The advantages of using a time lapse camera on a construction site

Many people start a construction site for their own homes or for public works. These project managers are often not available to monitor the work on a regular basis. However, if there is a failure, the project manager is required to repay the funds. For this purpose, many of them use time lapses, which are in effect cameras. Find out in this article the advantages of using this tool.

Getting good pictures of the construction site

The installation of a time lapse camera on a construction site, as described in this article, is of great benefit to the site manager, as he receives images of the construction site. Indeed, this camera is of the very sophisticated type and manages to take good images. The images are of a resolution that promotes good clarity and sharpness. From the site manager's position, he has an idea of how the work is going behind him. All the images he decides to have are provided by the time lapse camera. Thanks to the field of view of this camera, which rotates around 220⁰, the site manager can have an almost complete picture of his site.

Accessibility at all locations

The use of a time lapse camera is also justified by the fact that it has a connection. Indeed, the time lapse camera is easy to connect to other devices such as computers and even smartphones. This means you can access your construction site from any location to check on the progress of the work. The camera's connection is very efficient and does not fail.

Keeping all parties informed

For a construction site, several actors are involved, including the site manager and the project manager. These two people are not often present in the field, but it is important that they are aware of everything. With the time lapse camera, the site manager can bring the project manager into contact with the work. The latter will be able to see how things are progressing and if there are any corrections to be made, he can do so from any position.

Furthermore, it should be noted that images taken with time lapse cameras are easy to share on online platforms. Also, time lapse is easy to install on construction sites and after the construction site is finished, it can be used for other purposes.