The importance of an operating system in a computer

One of the most important software in a computer is its operating system. This software is practically the soul of the computer because it manages the computer processes and its memory. It is also responsible for the management of its software and hardware components. Another feature of this system is that it helps you communicate with your computer even if you do not know computer language (which is composed of 0 and 1).

How to choose the appropriate operating system?

In other to choose the appropriate system, there are some characteristics to be taken into account. Some of the systems could even be open source which means it can be modified and upgraded. It is important to know that some systems are better than others when it comes to specific tasks. For example, for most system security professionals, they mostly use the system called “LINUX”. This is one of the most popular systems and one of the strongest as well for it has some specificity which is only available with this system. Linux system has a few variations such as Linux mint, Kali linux, Ubuntu, etc. It is also an open source system, making its modification and upgrade possible by anyone well versed in operating systems. For more details, you can refer to the koddos partner.

Is it possible to have two different operating system on the same computer?

This is a possibility that’s highly used by some users. This could be done in different ways. One of them is the “dual booting” method. This method makes it possible to install two systems on the same computer in such a way that you can choose which system you wish to use during the boot of the computer. For this method to work, a certain portion of your hard disk is to be allocated to the second system. Another method is the use of virtual machine. Here, you need to download and install a virtual machine software in other to be able to access one operating system directly while making use of the second.