Timelapse cameras: what you must know

Timelapse cameras, specially designed for this type of shooting, have several advantages. The first is not least concerns the autonomy of the camera. For short projects, such as a sunset timelapse, the capture is only minutes away and your camera should normally easily keep the cadence, even capturing the 1440 photos needed to achieve a minute video to 24 FPS. What are the benefits of timelapse cameras.?

Timelapse cameras, built to last

Although they are still little democratized, timelapse cameras offer resistant and long-lasting solutions for making timelapses. Some models make it easy to learn timelapse without having to pay the price of an advanced camera. They are particularly an ideal choice for recording the progress of personal or professional projects or for capturing the landscape day and night. Today, while the majority of consumer solutions are limited to Full HD, some players still offer 4K or even 6K, which opens up new possibilities in post-production to animate the timelapse.

For professionals who want to achieve superior image quality, all without managing the device, many professional tools offer remote controllable solutions with direct transfer and options adapted to their needs. For more information, visit the site https://enlaps.io/us/ Finally, the solutions for recording a timelapse are more numerous than we thought. In addition to simplified mobile applications, modes integrated into our boxes and additional accessories, cameras dedicated to this purpose or specialized professional services are all solutions for various uses and budgets, whether personal or professional.


Enlaps offers a service primarily dedicated to professionals through more imposing solutions, but with better image quality. The two Tikee Pro2 and Pro2 + models are solutions equipped with two 16 MPX Sony Exmor R sensors and two goals for a panoramic view 220 °. Protected against the weather, the PRO2 model is capable of capturing 4K images and the PRO2 + model climbs up to 6k, useful for cross-production screening or zooming. These solutions also offer larger storage capabilities up to 512 GB, but also the ability to be connected to WiFi and 4G for direct transfer to storage in the cloud. Side autonomy, solar panels allow them to be 100% autumn. The manufacturer also offers many additional accessories to adapt the camera to its environment. A very different service and starts from 1080 € (1549 € for the Tokee Pro2 +).