Turkey pulls out of domestic abuse convention


Turkey has said it is no more participating in a domestic convention it organized. It says it will be duplication of laws if it attended such gender events.



Turkey pulls out of Gender abuse event


The Turkish authorities have left a foreign accord that was meant to protect females against violent crimes. Though there have been various objections by the organizers, the government stood its ground. Turkey agreed to a council of Europe agreement about a decade ago in Istanbul.


 The agreement objectives are to stop, prosecute and remove domestic abuses in the country. However, some countries' conservative organizations have said such principles of gender equality and sexual norms are against family values and encourages transsexual and feminist aims.


Turkey's decision to move out has been said to be 'very sad' for various efforts to battle violence by human right officials '' This is a very bad move and a huge setback because most importantly affects women in Turkey and other Arab nations 'Mr. Marija Pejcinovic said. In a response on social networks, Minister of Labor, Zehra Zumrut said women in Turkey were already protected in the constitution and any other policy will result in duplication of policies.


The opposition leader said women are second-class citizens in turkey


However, critics of the government Gokce Gokcen said that leaving such an important convention means Turkey's women were second-class individuals in their country. Over the years many women in Turkey have been raped and murdered, that was what gave birth to the introduction of this convention.


Supporters of the government decision said the country family values will be hugely affected as the tenets of the convention will promote feminism and gay rights. They argued that while certain elements of the convention rules were good it will be a case of repetition. Prominent lawyer, Zakmzaky Mahmud has said having a constitution doesn't prevent them from agreeing to treat women better and that the leaders can do better.