What to know about diginex?

More and more frequently, we are seeing integration between the crypto world and the traditional financial market. Companies in this sector are admitting the need to consider crypto assets if they want to stay relevant in the market. Find out more about the prestigious company Diginex in this excerpt.

Diginex is the first exchange operator listed on NASDAQ

Crypto-currencies have been a real dilemma for traditional financial institutions. Click on Diginex.com for more information. Those accustomed to a system dominated by traditional fiat currency have seen assets like Bitcoin as a passing fad, a speculative product or a mere curiosity.  Leading the world's major banks to despise crypto-currencies for a long time.  
However, the importance that crypto assets and companies that make a living in the crypto world, such as the exchange operator Diginex, has acquired. It has finally convinced a good portion of traditional financial institutions that it is appropriate for them to enter this market. And take advantage of the profit opportunities offered by crypto-currencies.

Diginex is the first exchange operator on NASDAQ

So, it was announced that Hong Kong-based exchange operator Diginex is the first such company listed on NASDAQ.  This would be an important step forward for the recognition of crypto assets by the traditional technology world. Considering that the NASDAQ is the main exchange dedicated specifically to listing high-tech companies like Amazon and Alphabet. 
Diginex is currently the company in charge of managing EQUOS, one of the largest exchanges in the crypto market. Diginex's NASDAQ listing would follow the crypto company's merger with 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp. This prompted Diginex CEO Richard Byworth to express optimism for the NASDAQ listing, calling it "a watershed moment for Diginex and for the crypto-currency industry.