Where to buy the handpan ?

The hang drum is a travel musical instrument. It is also used as a music tool that brings the whole family together around an activity at home. The handpan indeed emits a soft relaxing melody that produces pleasant sounds capable of linking the mind to the body thanks to the vibrations of the instrument. It is undoubtedly the easy-to-play musical tool for relaxation. But where to find this unique instrument?

Where do you find the handpan?

The handpan brings everyone together around original music. But for this fact, it is important to have a quality tool. To guarantee quality, it is necessary to go to specialists. The handpan is however a rare instrument in the shops selling musical instruments. On the other hand you can find some in a store dedicated only to the handpan. So, click here to find the best handpan in Finland. The handpans offered here are from the D-minor scale, which gives a harmonious chord that soothes the audience. You will see silver, gold, black etc. handpans. As for the material, there is the nitrided and stainless steel handpan. There are a variety of brands and types of handpan that correspond to each level. Thus, to buy the handpan, it is recommended to consult a professional to benefit from the advice to take the best handpan. Now that you know where to pay for the handpan, what are the features to buy the right one?

How to pick the best handpan?

The handpan is chosen according to the notes. Depending on the level of the player, the notes vary from 6 to 17. Beginners use the handpan at notes 6, 9 and 10. At this level, novices manage to create sweet melodies easily. Handpan ratings that vary between 10 and 13 are perfect for intermediate players. As for advanced levels for experts, the handpan has a score of 10 to 17. The second purchase criterion is the frequency of the handpan. Generally there are two frequencies: 432 Hz and 440 Hz. The material of the handpan is also essential for its purchase. Nitrided steel is resistant but not as strong as stainless steel which is a master key and easy to clean. Also, size and color matter when it comes to making your music tool your own. The handpan is a great gift idea to give to someone or buy yourself to set yourself apart from ordinary instruments.