Earth remains safe as a big asteroid moves past it


A big asteroid on Sunday moved very close to earth on Sunday but didn't get close to cause harm. According to NASA, the asteroid has been monitored for about two decades.


Big asteroid moves 'Close' to Earth


The asteroid named Asteroid 2001 makes a very close movement near-earth which has allowed scientists to do more research on the asteroid as it moves in the galaxy. This splendid view from NASA's huge telescope at night shows the high velocity the asteroid moves.


 The movement possesses no harm of any Collision but helps astronomers study the formation of the rock. It was three million kilometers far from the earth which is six times farther than the earth from the moon. This is still considered potentially harmful and could give the earth immense harm like the massive asteroid which took many lives more than 70 million years ago.


Astrophysics happy to share the good news via the YouTube channel


 This asteroid was discovered about 19 years ago but was very far from the earth to be considered dangerous. It moved beside earth around 15.00 GMT on Sunday. According to NASA results, it was traveling about 125,000 km/hr. Astrophysics Gianluca Masi said he had been waiting for this for a long time and had a very good telescope.


'' I am very happy to share the good news of the Asteroid 2001 passing the earth. Most scientists hope to get a good understanding of the elements of an asteroid which they say could be as huge as 4,000 feet. ''


Whenever the rays of sun hit the asteroid, the minerals will take in some solar heat which reflects other minerals.' NASA said. The dangers that these asteroids pose. Humans are better imagined than seen. However, some cynics have debunked such insinuations saying there isn't any proof that suggests asteroids are real that they are just the figment of their imagination of astronomers.