Pakistan's leader gets COVID-19 positive test

Mr. Khan, the Pakistani PM has been diagnosed with coronavirus. This comes after just a few days that he took the Sinopharm jab.


Pakistan leader diagnosed with Covid-19


 The Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan has just been diagnosed with coronavirus, a statement issued by the health minister. My Khan, 69 is said to be self-isolating in his house, minister Faisal Sultan stated on Saturday. The prime minister who was in the country's cricket team was an ex-captain.


 He was elected into the position in September 2018 and given a vaccine jab about Five days ago. The country has statistics of about 14,000 coronavirus deaths and more than 634,563 cases in a figure released by John Hopkins signature. Though it has been alleged that vaccinations help in giving protection against the virus, it usually takes some weeks before this protection emerges, therefore an individual remains vulnerable for some time.


Mr. Khan was seen going to meetings and security conferences in Islamabad. During these outings, he wasn't wearing any face shields. The prime Minister was tested after he showed signs of 'cough' and milk cold-related features. He has a mild fever and has now been gone under the weather. He got his first shot of the Chinese Sinopharm drug early last week.


Health advisors say PM is in good spirits


 Doctors say he is in good health and great shape. Most Pakistanis have shown hesitation in getting COVID-19 vaccines which prompted the prime Minister and some officials to broadcast their vaccination process. This means increased optimism and the doubting population.


Also, several religious and political leaders have been asked to spread positive news about vaccines. Many have continued to blame the country officials for the slow rate of vaccinations across the country which has increased infection rates. Most parts of Islamabad have been on lockdown for some weeks.